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July 13, 201804:18 PM
@AdamSingh95 Hello Adam ! We are so sorry to hear about the service you received with us. We never want our custome…
July 11, 201801:52 PM
@pahsta Hello Ken! I am so sorry to hear this! We offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs, please take it back to th…
July 11, 201801:46 PM
@Puni_ai Hello Puni, I am so sorry to hear your device has water damage! We put the device through several tests be…
July 11, 201801:38 PM
@JEP2500 Hello John! I am so sorry to hear about this experience. We love our customers and would love the chance t…
July 11, 201801:36 PM
@kartracer3886 Hello Tim, I can call your local stores for you, I just need your zip code!
July 10, 201812:52 PM
@grahamdavis Oh no! We're so sorry to hear that! We did have the Royal Oak store hold aside another screen for you just now!
July 10, 201811:41 AM
@Puni_ai We're sorry to hear about the situation! DM us your details and we'll investigate a little further. We do…
July 10, 201811:37 AM
@celiomartins We're DMing you for more details to see what we can do!
July 9, 201812:24 PM
@MissMackD HI McKenzie, We seal the device back to factory settings, which reinstates the water resistance. It also…
July 9, 201812:06 PM
@smantheous Hi Matthew, I am sorry to hear about your S8+. We seal the device back to the factory setting, reinstat…
July 9, 201811:37 AM
@Chris__Whitman Hello Chris! I am so sorry to hear about this! Please contact our resolutions team at 877-320-2237…
July 9, 201811:35 AM
@Chris__Whitman I am so sorry to hear about this experience! Please contact our resolutions team at 877-320-2237 M-…
July 5, 201802:02 PM
@dairwreck If you could DM us your information, we can check this for you. If we cannot repair it, we will not char…
July 5, 201801:54 PM
@YemeniBrooklyn we are very sorry to hear that and will use your feedback as an opportunity for growth. Please let…
July 5, 201801:53 PM
@dairwreck Hey Dguess! If you have any other repairs we offer free diagnostics! I'm sorry we couldn't help with you…
July 5, 201801:47 PM
@maface Normally we do not repair headphones due to part availability and cost effectiveness, however we do offer f…
July 5, 201801:45 PM
@NicoleHouser4 Thanks Nicole! You rock! Glad we got you fixed up!
July 5, 201812:17 PM
@shaketr4mp Thanks so much! You're a rockstar!
July 5, 201812:16 PM
@K_Swang6 @dshears Very good! Gotta keep you in good health to enjoy that BBQ for next year!
July 5, 201812:15 PM
@UntenableWhale Hey Dallas! We're just letting you know if you have any other devices that need repair, we're here for you!
July 5, 201812:14 PM
@K_Swang6 @dshears Can we help you with that iPad, Kerry?
July 5, 201812:08 PM
@PhatGilb Hey Julia, we didn't mean to Jinx you! But we can help with any other repairs if you need! We also offer…
July 5, 201812:07 PM
@shaketr4mp We're so glad to hear we could help your sister out and you guys had a great experience!
July 5, 201812:06 PM
@YemeniBrooklyn I am so sorry to hear about that. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, pl…
July 5, 201810:35 AM
@zwpoole I'm so sorry! They are open! They opened just after 10:30am. I called the store. They will be more than ha…
July 5, 201810:26 AM
@zwpoole I am so sorry to hear this! What store was this, Zack? Do you know if they were able to open yet?
July 5, 201809:51 AM
@YemeniBrooklyn We never use personal information and only access the apps we need to to ensure your device is work…
July 5, 201809:06 AM
@LabattRu I'm so sorry to hear this! We offer a 90 day warranty on any possible functionality issues that may occur…
July 5, 201809:04 AM
@michaelttrinh I am so sorry for this misunderstanding! Which store quoted you this price? The price is the $219.99 USD plus tax for the S8.
July 3, 201810:55 AM
@TheGarrettMann I'm so sorry to hear this! If you provide us some more information about this, we'd love to help!

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uBreakiFIx is the leading electronics repair shop in the city of new york, Located in the heart of Manhattan at Greenwich Village we repair all types of devices, From iPhone Repar's to Computers, uBreakiFix prodes itself in quality parts, quality repairs, and friendly techs, Walk-in's are welcome and we have over 333 store nationwide if you need warranty help.
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46 E 8th St
New York, NY 10003

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